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Lawn Aeration in Watertown, SD

You’ve probably experienced how difficult it is to dig when the soil is hard and compact, but did you know it’s hard on your plants, too? Soil that is too tight prevents your grass from receiving the nutrients and water it needs. When water starts to puddle up on top of the soil instead of going in, it’s time to call TruGreen for lawn aeration in Watertown, South Dakota. Next to watering, this is one of the best treatments you can do for your lawn.

Aeration is an essential part of healthy lawn care, because it allows your grass to actually use and access the water you give it. Every soil type grows faster and stronger with more sunlight, air, and water. Give us a call to start the process today.

How Core Aeration Works

After your TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis is complete, we get right to work. Using science-based products and technology, we mechanically remove cores and pull plugs of soil from the lawn. This loosens it up so that air and other resources can get through to the roots and improve the water circulation. The cores we remove are left on top of your lawn to decompose, providing much-needed nutrients for the grass.

Lawn Care By Professionals

Knowing when and how often to aerate your lawn can be tricky, but our experts easily determine the best course of action for you. Our TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee® ensures that your yard stays healthy no matter what, and with our experience and reputation, you know the work will be done right. We do what it takes to give you green grass for good.

Contact us to aerate your lawn so it grows easy. We’re here for homeowners in Watertown, South Dakota, and the neighboring areas.

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